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Spirit of Liberty rolls into production

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ARBOC Specialty Vehicles achieves its goal of a rear-drive, low-floor pusher.


XL Hybrids adds small bus installations

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The company addresses a market that stands to gain the most from hybrid-electric propulsion.


Hearing loops keep people tuned in

Ernie Nieman, an Indian Trails driver for 22 years, points to the icon indicating that his vehicle is part of the first bus fleet in the U.S. to be equipped with hearing loops.

Accommodations for an aging America are good business.


Training changes behavior

Materials for TAPTCO’s Paratransit Operator Development course. The company also offers courses in Transit Operator Development and the Trainer Certification Process.

TAPTCO aims to standardize comprehensive driver training.


Veolia and SFMTA operate a three-pronged system


One of Veolia Transportation’s unique paratransit operations is in San Francisco through a contract with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).


Two agencies feel the Spirit of Mobility

Already sold on the low-floor concept, transit agencies in Lubbock, TX, and Holland, MI, have adopted the ARBOC Spirit of Mobility as their preferred paratransit vehicle. These agencies say their passengers appreciate the low-floor design because it allows them greater control of their transit experience.


The County Connection makes a green connection with Gillig and Voith

The County Connection operates fixed-route and paratransit bus service throughout geographically and demographically diverse communities in California


The new Spirit of Mobility pioneers Random Access

ARBOC Mobility, Middlebury, IN, worked eight years to perfect its concept of the low-floor paratransit bus debuted one year ago. The Spirit of Mobility bus begins where minimum ADA requirements end; conceived to provide easy and equal access for all passengers, which certainly includes those using wheelchairs, scooters and walkers.


Paratransit takes a hit in budget decisions; but the beat will go on

In an economy this bleak with requisite budget slashing unfortunately becoming the new order of the day, agencies and companies seem to be operating on the premise that they are just doing what a business has to do.


Sprinters boost Baltimore paratransit

The light went on when Marlon Bates, general manager, paratransit division for Veolia Transportation, Baltimore, MD, noticed major delivery companies replacing fleets with sleek one-piece European styled vehicles promising greater economy and efficiency.

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