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Interview only the best drivers


Scheig Associates’ solutions ensure that only superior applicants make it to the interview phase.


XL Hybrids adds small bus installations

XLHybrids_Kiessling_ NationalVan

The company addresses a market that stands to gain the most from hybrid-electric propulsion.


Krystal moves forward under new management

The luxury leather seating in the Krystal executive shuttle bus reflects the improvements from ElDorado National.

ElDorado National Kansas continues with quality improvements to the brand By David Hubbard Krystal has been on an exciting ride over the last year. It began when ElDorado National Kansas, Inc., Salinas, KS, acquired the brand in October of 2012 and then transitioned to new ownership in July as Thor Industries divested its entire bus […]


Oregon study offers guide to success for small-city transit

Public transit allows rural populations access to jobs, retail centers, healthcare and social services.

In partnership with ODOT Public Transit Division, the Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program produced the study with Parson’s Brinkerhoff in Portland.


Patrick Scully Q&A


Patrick Scully speaks to new MCI initiatives.


QAS ensures repeatable success


MCI line techs are empowered to contribute and ensure quality work.


THE RIDE keeps rolling in NYC

Two Broadway hopefuls break out in song about their dreams to one day take the stage.

The concept has grown to include corporate participation THE RIDE launched in New York City in 2010 when entrepreneurs and creative minds came together in an amalgamation of a coach tour and live sidewalk entertainment viewed from a 45-foot Prevost shell outfitted with stadium seats and floor to ceiling windows for up to 49 passengers […]




Six transit agencies debut the Proterra EcoRide BE35 in-service this fall By David Hubbard The all-electric 35-foot Proterra EcoRide™ BE35 transit bus expands its public service this year. Garrett Mikita, president and CEO of Proterra, Greenville, SC, says he could not be more delighted for the six transit authorities nationwide realizing the simplicity of electric […]


IndyGo does more with less


By Michael Terry President and CEO IndyGo Indianapolis, IN Delivering public transportation in American cities requires managerial tenacity and dedication to providing vital service as part of our nation’s infrastructure. Many systems across the country struggle to keep vital transit services on the street due to pressures of the economy on the industry. Costs for […]


Operators can ask for help


ABC Companies manages the details through Fleet Assist.

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