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Letter From Europe

The world of buses and coaches for 2012

The latest Volvo 7900H hybrid bus is selling well.

Every two years, I research and write a large part of The World Bus & Coach Manufacturing Industry 2012 on the world’s bus and coach manufacturing industry.


The Russian bus market revisited

One of these newly re-styled PAZ -3204 city midibuses may run on gasoline, which happen to be more tolerant of cold winter conditions.

Since reporting on the Comtrans exhibition in Russia last September, I recently attended Busworld Russia in Nizhny Novgorod located about 300 miles east of Moscow.


Perspective on North America

The New Citaro is now entering production in Germany.

Daimler delivers a wake-up call and Alexander Dennis teams with New Flyer.


Busworld Turkey sets records

The trailer section of a Conecto articulated bus under construction in the factory near Istanbul.

I make no apology for writing about the Turkish market and industry for the second time in less than a year.


An overview of alternative fuels in Europe

An 80-foot bi-articulated Hess trolleybus in Zurich.

As I visit manufacturers the subject of alternative fuels and drive systems is always on the agenda.


NB4L enters service

The open rear platform closes off outside peak hours so one person can operate the bus.

NB4L is text-speak for the New Bus for London that Mayor Johnson promised when he took office in 2008.


Volvo launches the prototype European Bus of the Future

A general view of the EBSF prototype outside the offices of Volvo Bus Corporation in Gothenburg.

The International Union of Public Transport (UITP) is coordinating a major project in the European Union (EU) to develop the European Bus System of the Future (EBSF). The EU has extended funds to the 49 organizations taking part, which include all the main bus manufacturers, component and systems suppliers, as well as universities and research organizations.


New growth for Alexander Dennis focuses on North America

The two-axle Enviro 400 is a very popular Alexander Dennis model in the UK.

The British market for city buses fell back badly in 2010, not just because of the global financial crisis, but also two of the major groups cut back heavily on their normal procurement of new vehicles.


BusWorld Kortrijk breaks all records

The latest generation of Neoplan Skyliner double deck coach.

Every second year for one week in October, the small city of Kortrijk in the west of Belgium becomes the global hub of the bus and coach industry.


Importers target Russian market at Comtrans

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By Doug Jack The distance from London to Moscow is 1,560 miles, less than half the distance from London to New York. Yet the three-and-a-half-hour flight takes one to a completely different and fascinating part of the world. I made the trip this year because I could not pass up the opportunity to visit Comtrans, […]

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