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International Report

The latest Volvo fast-charging system with the drop-down pantograph.

Doug Jack UITP undertakes EBFS_2 During the Congress and Exhibition in Milan in June, UITP launched EBSF_2 — the second phase of European Bus System of the Future, largely funded by the European Union, which UITP will manage. This follows the original project which ran from 2008 to 2012. The purpose of this project has […]


Transit information technology – build versus buy


Transit information technology – build versus buy By Mary Sue O’Melia An agency’s Information Technology Department is tasked with finding a better way to report information.  Did the agency decide to build or buy?  Does the agency now get timely information, or is it still waiting? You can get better, but you can’t pay more […]


Data dictates comfort

A virtual bus performs a lane-change maneuver using Hendrickson’s advanced simulation software. Before building physical parts, this unique software allows the company to understand how a vehicle will behave in key performance areas like ride quality, roll stability and vehicle handling.

By Gerry Remus As urban population trends continue to rise, so has the need for an infrastructure to handle these increasing demands. A tremendous opportunity exists for buses to satisfy the need to transport the growing population in a safe, reliable and comfortable manner. Bus manufacturers are challenged with providing solutions that can maximize the […]


Accessibility ramps up

Champion Bus LF Transport™ level floor design ensures level passenger securement.

By Ryan Lamb Let’s talk about what accessibility means in terms of mobility and security on a moving bus. In the case of random wheelchair accessibility, this simply describes the capability of a passenger using a mobility device to board and leave the vehicle without disturbing another wheelchair passenger and others. For example, with five […]


4G video surveillance meets GPS fleet management

Slide 1

By Johnson Yang Web-based in-vehicle surveillance and is more important to today’s fleet management than ever before. At this time, the majority of fleet management activity is web-based in some way, giving operator and dispatch managers easier access regardless of the location of the buses and drivers. Still, a large portion of fleet management systems […]


Driver Safety – 300:29:1


By Jeff Cassell The Moston Public Transit Agency has been implementing a new plan to greatly improve safety NORMS. George, the executive director, wants an update on the progress. “It’s going great,” said Ryan, the supervisor responsible for leading the implementation. “We have everyone using a new language and focusing on changing behaviors. Only yesterday […]


OFFICIAL BUSRide Road Test: ARBOC Specialty Vehicles

ARBOC Specialty Vehicles offers the Spirit of Liberty in two lengths: 30 feet and 35 feet.

ARBOC Specialty Vehicles 2015 Spirit of Liberty By David Hubbard The Spirit of Liberty is ready to roll ARBOC Specialty Vehicles, Middlebury, IN, recently drove its Spirit of Liberty to the BUSRide headquarters in Phoenix for an Official BUSRide Road Test. Four years in the making, the company says it has successfully met its original […]




SEATING works to improve fuel efficiency By Jürgen Mill The virtues of fuel efficiency Although the use of public transportation is saving over 4 billion gallons of fuel annually that would otherwise end up in the gas tanks of private vehicles, the combined fuel consumption of motorcoaches in North America alone is enough to fill […]


Fleet Managment Systems–Infor

Fleet optimization: one size does not fit all By Kevin Price Optimization: what does it mean for a fleet, and how can it be achieved? Here’s one definition of optimization: “Finding an alternative with the most cost effective or highest achievable performance under the given constraints, by maximizing desired factors and minimizing undesired ones.” That’s […]


Fleet Management Systems – Avail


Optimize the fleet for better service By Kevin McKay Inviting a holistic approach to running smoother transit operations, real-time diagnostics, GPS, maintenance intelligence, and monitoring systems contribute to an optimized fleet management system. A cohesive suite of technology helps realize greater cost effectiveness and a more seamless and efficient use of fleet resources. In addition, […]

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