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Using EAM to measure and improve asset performance


By Brett Koenig For years, transit asset managers have been tasked with the challenge of maximizing fleet performance and availability while minimizing costs. Recent federal regulations will also soon require transit agencies to begin tracking data on asset condition (“state of good repair”). Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems have emerged as the central tool used […]


Motorcoach Management Systems

motorcoach management systems

GPS tracking provides an efficient future By Jonathan Durkee Huskey Trailways built its name transporting precious cargo. No less than two U.S. presidents and their 90-person entourages have chartered its motorcoaches while traveling through Missouri. The U.S. military regularly relies on it to transport personnel. And students participating in the government’s Job Corps youth training […]


Security and Surveillance


Calculating the ROI of transit surveillance By Lori Jetha Safety and security are at the core of every successful transit system operation, but when it comes time to cough up the money to upgrade surveillance equipment, it can often be difficult to secure funding. Getting the budget for an upgrade is usually the first hurdle […]


International Report

The attractively styled i2e all-electric bus from Irizar.

All kinds of drive systems at UITP The International Union of Public Transport (UITP) held its biennial Congress and Exhibition in the northern Italian city of Milan, June 8-10. Although Rome is the capital, Milan is the country’s financial and industrial powerhouse. The exhibition was spread over two large halls. The lower one was occupied […]


Driver Safety


                  By Prevost Prep Pre-trip prep If conditions look bad, get off the road. Anticipate a change in weather. Check a weather report before departure and always be prepared for sudden changes in road conditions. In threatening weather, the pre-trip inspection should include attention to tires, tire […]




The Southwest of public transit bus companies By Mary Sue O’Melia If there is an incident that causes a significant delay in service or inconvenience for your customers, what are your policies and practices for dealing with the customer?  How does your agency define good customer service? Poor customer service examples In the past month, […]


The Connected Bus

the connected bus icon

The benefits of cloud-based management By Estee Woods As riders become more “wired,” transit agencies are modifying their services to be more in line with modern technology. Cloud-based management frees up agency resources in this regard, enabling agencies to reduce their in-house responsibilities and provide faster, better service for riders. King County, WA, has become […]



lessons learned icon

The benefits of telematics and driver coaching By Dick Mahany Gone are the days of fleets being out of communication with drivers until they return from a trip. As technology has advanced and become more affordable, fleet managers have discovered more ways than ever to improve the performance of their drivers and track the movement […]



BR_JULY 2015_equal access

Technology drives accessibility By Ryan Lamb Since the advent of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) of 1990, accessibility for people with disabilities who rely bus transportation is evolving steadily toward a state of equal access for all passengers; those with mobility challenges using walkers, wheelchairs and scooters, to mothers with strollers, to the elderly. […]


Reenergizing the industry

Reenergizing the industry WTS Transportation YOU Summit attracts more young women to industry In Late June, in the midst of marriage equality and affordable healthcare wins for the U.S., senior U.S. Department of Transportation administrators, agencies such as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), and high-profile leaders from […]

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