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Transit Buses

Major changes liberate passengers

With prototypes complete, the rear engine Spirit of Liberty is well into the production prove-out phase of the program.

ARBOC Specialty Vehicles readies the Spirit of Liberty for 2014 deliveries.


Ecoliners seamlessly integrate for full service

The Proterra EcoRide BE35 was dubbed the Ecoliner by Foothill Transit.

Foothill Transit sees great success from its zero-emission buses.


BUSRide Road Test: DesignLine CNG EcoCoach

Experienced bus and coach drivers are expressing amazement with the CNG fuel economy, which they report to be averaging approximately 30 cents per gallon.

This CNG transit vehicle crisscrosses the country like a full-fledged motorcoach.


Five steps to the connected bus

Enhancing the transit experience with real-time multimodal arrival information has a positive impact on revenue.  Photo used with permission by NextRide technology.

Are your buses moving in the right direction?


Electrification explained

The one-piece all-electric Athenia E-800 from Thermo King is a hermetically sealed rooftop unit for hybrid bus, trolley bus and alternator-powered applications.

Miami-Dade and Gardenia demonstrate Thermo King HVAC alternatives.


Public image is important to BRT success

Without a doubt, image is important to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Sleek looking vehicles, rail-like stations, advanced technologies and a strong brand identity are just a few of the features that help communicate the message: This is not just a regular bus service.


Less is more

Destination Shuttle Services (DSS), Los Angeles, CA, serves 13 hotels within 1.5 miles of LAX and operates 34 shuttle buses equipped with advanced GPS and Omnivex software.

The proposal Destination Shuttle Services (DSS), Los Angeles, CA, first presented in 2000 was strong enough to convince 13 competing hotels within a 1-1/2-mile radius of Los Angeles International Airport to buy into its idea for a singular consolidated and fully integrated shuttle bus service.

Five percent of all passengers traveling by air utilize hotel shuttle services for convenient transport to and from the serving airports. Based on the economic report prepared for 2008 by the Air Transport Association, 769.2 million travelers flew nationwide, meaning that more than 38,460,000 people used hotel shuttle bus service. LAX represents only 6.8 percent of the total number of people who rely on this service.


Vendor-managed inventory: Just in time, not just in case

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he current belt-tightened economic climate has created the need for public and private sector enterprises alike to explore new areas within their operations for cost-savings and improved efficiencies. At Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA), Rochester, NY, we are known for managing our mid-sized transit organization like a private business.


Historic Union Station still a gathering place for travelers

Standing stoically in Louisville, KY is historic Union Station, which has been the gathering place for bus and rail travelers for 120 years.


Turn about is fair trade for NABI

North American Bus Industries (NABI), Anniston, AL, recently unveiled the Sirius, a new NABI transit bus specially designed for the Hungarian bus market. While NABI is a major supplier of transit buses in the USA, in recent years its Hungarian operations have been limited to partially finished buses exported to the U.S. for final assembly. Hungarian dignitaries and NABI officials staged ceremonies in Kaposvár, Hungary, in September to commemorate the launch.

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