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Transit Buses

Buying an electric bus? Early planning is critical


By David Warren With a battery-electric bus, reducing emissions and greenhouse gases in our communities is the ultimate goal.  Pilot programs for electric buses are being planned at small to large transit fleets across North America. Each opportunity for electric buses has unique considerations when it comes to the operating duty cycle and transit service […]


Latest developments in mobility to increase passenger safety


By Angelo D’Urso During the 2016 Paralympics, we once again witnessed how the human spirit can be strong enough to overcome most physical barriers. In defiance of their impairments, Paralympians were able to inspire the whole world with their achievements. However, many challenges are yet to be overcome in the day to day lives of […]


The future is mainstream accessibility

The market has a number of low-floor vehicles,​ ranging from a low-floor transit bus like the ENC E-Z Rider (pictured) for people with disabilities to a low-floor mini-van by REV’s ElDorado Mobility.

By John Walsh With today’s bus market needing some freshening, the industry’s focus should be on the future and what comes next; aimed at stepping up research and development to improve the rider experience for everyone. The industry cannot continue as it has for the last 25 years, and needs to pick up the pace […]


Accessibility as philosophy

The Dodge Amerivan PT by ElDorado Mobility.

Accessibility as philosophy Last year, as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) celebrated its 25th Anniversary, BUSRide intensified its mission to explore the many ways the bus industry is improving the overall transit experience for passengers who rely on paratransit services. In this installment of Equal Access, Greg Heichelbech, REV Group president, Specialty […]


The right tool for the job – paratransit diversification

Person exiting van via ramp

A diversified fleet helps ensure that all services are not only rendered, but done so efficiently.


Small Bus Showcase

Since it arrived on the scene in 2002, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has grown steadily in popularity.

Small and midsize buses, the unsung workhorses of passenger transportation, comprise the largest vehicle segment in the bus industry.


NTI praises Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles’ MAX program

Dallas Area Rapid Transit was one of three programs, along with Denver RTD and L.A. Metro, that NTI praised for its collaborative MAX program.

As partners, three major agencies create a model program to promote best practices.


BYD showcases all-electric transit


California Governor Jerry Brown helps BYD unveil state’s first ever long-range electric bus factory in Lancaster.


All aboard the Fresh Express

Valley Metro Chair and Mesa Councilmember Scott Somers (left) with “passengers” aboard the Fresh Express bus.

Valley Metro and partners repurpose bus as mobile market.


How Capital Metro got everyone talking about “BENDY”

The MetroRapid “Bendy” buses — as they are called in Austin — are the Nova LFS 60-foot articulated model; an all new sight around town.

Capital Metro recently launched MetroRapid, its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line that has been 10 years in the making.

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