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Hybrid video recorders, such as Safety Vision’s Observer™ 4112 and 4120 models, combine both analog and network technology.

Hybrid video recorders: a new solution By Steven Winnefeld The technology for onboard mobile surveillance systems continues to evolve.  Robust analog technology has been employed for many years, and now recently network IP cameras and recorders have gained momentum in transit industry vehicles, promoting enhanced video resolution and many new features.  However this transition in […]




Is your maintenance facility covered? By Tim O’Bryan The continuing series with Tim O’Bryan, president of Service Insurance Agency, Richmond, VA, turns its attention to the maintenance facility, specifically Garage Liability and Garagekeepers Legal Liability. Both are important policies to consider for any operator conducting third-party maintenance. What are the essential elements of insuring a […]



This is how the Enviro400 body will appear on the Scania gas-powered bus.

Scania develops double-decker gas bus n our industry, we must always be wary about describing any development as a world first, but Scania recently unveiled a double-decker city bus chassis fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG). I recall very old photographs from the World War II showing double-decker buses with trailers that produced the natural […]



BR_JULY 2015_equal access

Testing ensures safe accessibility By Robert Portney There was a time when reinforcing a crack or failure simply meant throwing more steel at it. Today, however, advanced technology brings a much more analytical and scientific approach to assessing actual stress points. REV Bus Group is one of a few OEMs that actually simulates the durability […]



Driver behavior makes a huge impact on the passenger experience.

Driving behavior – Part 2 In this issue, BUSRide resumes an interview with the principals of GreenRoad, Austin, TX, the providers of a driver behavior modification program aimed at increasing driver and passenger safety, reducing fuel costs and gaining customer loyalty. What’s the expected ROI for agencies investing in a driver behavior modification program? Big […]


Looking ahead at UTA


BUSRide sat down with Brandon Curtis, executive managing director at Aesys, and Clair Fiet, chief technology officer for the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), for an interview exploring technological advances at UTA and across the transit world. Please briefly your role at UTA, how long you’ve worked there and what your day-to-day job entails. Clair Fiet: […]


The BISC Report presented by The Pacific Western Group of Companies

Safety is not a Laugh-In matter — and that’s the truth! The “Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award” handed out on the 1960s TV show Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In lambasted celebrities and organizations that had done something questionable. Sorry, but I’m thinking the bus and motorcoach industry might qualify. Oh sure, we can rattle off […]


Key ELD questions answered

After the FMCSA-specified deadlines, any driver currently using paper logs will need to convert to a certified ELD.

Key ELD questions answered What operators need to know as the rule becomes law By Mike McDonal The recently released, highly anticipated 516-page Electronic Log Device (ELD) rule from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) covers the spectrum from technical configuration requirements to driver harassment violations. What is the deadline to install ELDs? As […]



i6 FR Diagonal Low (City-Trees)

IRIZAR HAS COME TO AMERICA INA Bus Sales is the exclusive distributor and support for the Spanish bus builder’s i6 and i6 Super Cargo The eminent Spanish bus builder Irizar is now in business in the United States and Canada, having unveiled its two i6 coach models refashioned expressly for North American operators during ABA […]




Chuck Pona turned in over 3 million miles during his 52 years with Adirondack Trailways of New York After a career as a full-time coach driver for Adirondack Trailways of New York, located in Hurley, NY, that spanned 52 years and more than 3 million miles without a recordable accident, Chuck Pona officially retired November […]

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