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Hadley technology showcased on The Rapid transit bus at APTA 2013

Hadley has partnered with The Rapid, Grand Rapids, MI, to demonstrate their latest technology innovations on a transit bus manufactured by Gillig. The bus made its first appearance at the 2013 APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference in Indianapolis, IN. Following the APTA conference, the bus will be put into service in Grand Rapids as part of The Rapid’s regular fleet for local public transit service.  The vehicle will be used to collect market data on user preferences for different technologies, which will help The Rapid develop specifications for future buses.

The bus, a Gillig Low Floor, is equipped with Hadley’s latest interior system, the XD. The XD interior has increased headroom along with an adjustable ventilation system, equalizing the volume of air in every area of the vehicle.

“The XD appeals to drivers with reduced glare on windows” said Giorgio Verduzio, director of Transit Division for Hadley.  “Glare reduction permits interior LED lighting throughout the night, thus enhancing passenger safety and comfort.”

The XD system has reduced maintenance features including sealed panel seams that prevent air leaks, hidden fasteners with a rattle-free design, dust-free light channels that are separate from the A/C flow, and access to all mechanical elements behind removable panels.

The LED lighting of the XD system meets APTA requirements, has consistent colors, and evenly distributed light.

“These same LED lighting features are available in a retrofit kit that makes it easy to upgrade vehicles with old fluorescent systems” said Verduzio. “The ‘LED-R’ is hassle-free, and in little more time than it takes to service a fluorescent bulb, the vehicle can be transformed with energy efficient lighting.”

Hadley’s newest innovation in technology, the SmartValve™, was demonstrated as a prototype to the transit industry during the APTA conference. The SmartValve™ is based on Hadley’s Smart Air Management System (SAMS™) technology used for more than 10 years in rugged specialty vehicle operations. Currently, electronic height control systems require several separate components: the valve manifold, an external sensor, and the associated electronics. Hadley’s SmartValve™ combines these devices into one solution.

The company says benefits of the cost-effective electronic system for bus fleets include repeatable ride heights, a valuable feature that prevents vehicle “leaning” that leads to uneven wear and tear and stops drivetrain vibration; four corner kneeling; quieter operation than traditional electronic height control systems and the ability to lower the front of the bus while on the highway, at highway speeds.  This last feature helps make the bus more aerodynamic, Hadley says.

Hadley’s mirrors are available with auto-return brackets, cameras and outside turn signals that come with a lifetime warranty. The Hadley air horn comes from the H00298 series and is mounted on the underside of the Gillig bus.

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