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ABC Companies launches SafetyOne

Three safety basics support one goal
By David Hubbard

Maintaining an exemplary safety record for protecting passengers is a primary concern of motorcoach tour and charter operators. More passengers are reviewing bus operator safety records using the government’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System as they search for carriers.

Pending legislation and new compliance guidelines are changing the business landscape for North American operators. While the new mandates will further enhance passenger safety, operators also recognize the importance of safety as a strong tool to attract these more educated consumers and promote their brand and services while meeting their compliance requirements.

As part of its mission to support operators’ goals for safe transport, ABC Companies, Faribault, MN, has launched its ABC SafetyOne program, focused on offering features that support its three core safety principles:

Protect the passengers

Promote drivability and driver control

Preserve the equipment

Offered on the most popular new Van Hool models, advanced SafetyOne features represent an investment in safety technology that helps operators optimize safe driving conditions that deliver greater peace-of-mind to traveling passengers, and at the same time enhance the long-term value of fleet portfolios. The key features include are shown in the above photo.

“By providing these technologies well in advance of pending legislation, ABC Companies and Van Hool can give operators a distinct competitive advantage, and moreover help to make the roads safer for all travelers,” says Tim Wayland, Chief Commercial Officer. “An added bonus is the long-term value and ROI safety features can deliver at resale.”

The ABC SafetyOne program leverages best-of-breed technologies long used in the European marketplace that have been adapted into the Van Hool product line for American fleets. In fact, ABC Companies and Van Hool have been the front runners in key safety areas with first-to-market introductions such as standard air disc brakes and independent front and tag axle suspensions.

Van Hool passenger seats incorporate compartmentalization and three-point seat belts.

Currently, Van Hool is one of the only manufacturers to offer coaches certified to the strict European RU 66 rollover guidelines — a standard feature offered to motorcoach carriers throughout North America.

According to Louis Hotard, Director of Technical Support, ABC Companies, his company and Van Hool have actively participated with U.S. and Canadian trade associations, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders to communicate holistic approaches under development that will enhance motorcoach safety in North America. Hotard serves as a key liaison and representative on behalf of ABC Companies and Van Hool in numerous safety forums. He was the recipient of the UMA 2007 Safety Award.

“We are committed to sharing our knowledge of existing European motorcoach safety standards to proactively engage discussion and foster collaboration with regulators,” he says. “We base our work on a common goal of guiding the development of effective new motorcoach safety standards.” BR

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